Wetzel County Action Group
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Meeting Held on January 31, 2010

The meeting was held at ThistleDew Farms with 15 people in attendance. The following initiatives were discussed and supported for further action:

  1. Lead Escort Regulations for Trucks. Continue support of this initiative which is being studied by the State Senator Jeff Kessler's chief council.
  2. Staging Area and Dispatch. Continue to ask Chesapeake to establish a staging area on Route 7 with a dispatcher to coordinate traffic with the well sites.
  3. Drip Gas. Continue lobbying for escorting drip gas tractor-trailer truck and support Grandview VFD in its request for drip gas awareness training.
  4. Chesapeake Security. Voted to support the use of New Martinsville police to enforce Chesapeake policies and issue a public statement for that support.
  5. Ponds. Monitor ponds to insure that there is not a repeat of the Yoho Pond incident on Macedonia Ridge that blocked access to emergency vehicles.
  6. CMR. Bill Hughes will look into the effectiveness of CMRs for remedying infrastructure damage.
  7. Hundred Area. The group will setup a presentation for that area in an effort to broaden our influence.
  8. Chesapeake Contact Information. We will approach Chesapeake again about setting up signs in strategic locations with an 800 contact number to take the pressure off of our members constantly having to act as an intermediaries.
  9. Foundations. Continue our efforts to work with foundations for funding different initiatives.
  10. Local Authority and Comprehensive Permitting.
  11. Silver Hill Action Group (SHAG). The SHAG and WCAG will merge and use the Wetzel County Action Group name to elimnate the need to register for a new internet domain name.