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Partial list of recorded incidents.

March 16, 2009. Parent reported another incident involving a school bus and a large truck.

February 23, 2009. Pipe fell off of a truck on Doolin Hill. Link.

February 23, 2009. Nomac pickup truck goes over the hill going down 14 Hill.  Link.

February 23, 2009. Dozer tracks on Route 89. Link.

February 22, 2009. Sand Trucks stuck on hill past West. Partial road blockage.

February 21, 2009. Snow plow stuck on 14 Hill. Link.

February 21, 2009. Weatherford van stuck on Calvert Hill. Link.

February 21, 2009. Crew cab carrying Weatherford workers stuck by Troy Sidenstrickers.

February 19, 2009. Weatherford truck read ended by foreman's truck 6.6 mile marker on Friendship Ridge. Link.

February 18, 2009. Truck ran off road on Macedonia Ridge at David Durig's.

February 17, 2009. Palmer Bridge on Doolin struck by large truck. Link

February 16, 2009. Two school bus incidents. Link.

February 10, 2009. Silver Hill Traffic jam. Link

February 9, 2009. School bus incident. Link

January 11, 2009. Diamond Entrprise AF-59790 in sharp turn on 89 West of Hollman Ridge. Link

January 8, 2009. Blue Mountain Rental truck carrying a very heavy piece of equipment stuck twice. Once in sharp turn on 89 West of Hollman Ridge and the second time at the foot of Calvert Hill (89 mile marker 14) going East.

January 7, 2009. Powell Hill (CR-3 mile marker 6) blocked for an extended period of time around 3 AM. Major damage to both banks of road.

January 6, 2009. Ergon truck on 89 at Allen Ridge.

December 31, 2008. Water truck ran off road West of Silver Hill VFD.

December 29, 2008. Sand King stuck on Blake Ridge. Link

Incidents with uncertain date. The 5 hour closing of New Dale, the Bee Bee closing, the truck school bus incident on Brock Ridge, the Friendship Ridge closing.