Who doesn’t love traveling? Surely we all do. It is always fun to travel with friends and family for a vacation trip. And hence, trip details should be accordingly planned. The first question that pops up into our mind would be about the travel destination, do we have any dream destination? or do we just want to have fun and make a visit to the city as we have heard many positive reviews about the place? The second question that shall make you wonder would the travel fair! Would the city be affordable within your allotted budget?

While all these questions dances in your head and leading you to nowhere. We shall help you with the best travel destinations that are worth visiting once a lifetime so that you can admire its beauty within an affordable range. Here are the top five cities that are filled with natural beauty and is adventurous for you to make a visit.

Top five cities that have cheap five-star hotels to visit:

Aqua Park Bar

Sharm El-Shaikh, one of the cities in Egypt. We hardly hear of this place but it is an amazing place to visit. Its breathtaking views will just make you feel refresh and will lift you up with joy. This place not only has mountains, beaches, marine life but is also filled with historical monuments. The famous Mount Sani mountain is located here. It is quite affordable and cheap for you to stay in hotels. All five-star hotels have an amazing window view that will make you feel on the top of the world.

The next destination in the list would be Istanbul, Turkey. Although located in the Middle East this place is known for its food and its Turkish culture. It has world’s best beautifully architectural mosques that you will admire the moment you just glance at them. They are so neat and well-designed that you simply cannot miss this destination. As this place was once ruled by the Othman people hence called the Ottoman empire, it has beautiful places to watch. One can only wish to live in such royalty. It also has reasonable prices for five-star hotels and one can choose to book hotels in advance.

The next travel destination will simply blow your mind. It is considered the next New York City. Well, it’s Dubai, the new middle east, also known as the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is rich with luxury beaches, five star and seven-star hotels, desserts, shopping malls and much more. Well, apart from affordable hotels Dubai also has amazing car rental services, which will just enhance your trip. Well-equipped and well-maintained cars is surely a sign of luxury. People of Dubai are very warm and friendly in nature.

Pool with a view - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a rich city with beautifully crafted westernized buildings. The city is affordable to make a travel visit with simply amazing Malaysian culture and cuisine. Well, you must be prepared to have seafood in advance. If you wish to make a visit to this place.

phuket hotel

The last travel destination with an affordable price range of five-star hotels would be Phuket, Thailand. Well, the place may sound weird to you, but trust me it shall meet all your travel needs. It is well equipped with wonderful beaches, resorts, five-star hotels, simply amazing nightlife within your limited allotted budget. A small place yet has everything that shall please you


Travelling is always fun with family and friends who shall give you a good company throughout your travel journey and you can have simply amazing memories.